Welcome to Sonny's falafel and vlaamse frites!

The best place in Amsterdam for the finest, healthiest, glutenfree tasty vegetarian and vegan food! Sonny used to be a cook in India before he came to Amsterdam, it was always his dream to open up his own place. This dream came true and he called his place Sonny! This wonderful vegeratarian and vegan place has been established in 1992. It’s Sonny’s passion to make the best, tasteful and healthiest food for his customers.

Sonny is located in one of the best areas of Amsterdam: in “de Pijp” district, by the famous Albert Cuyp market, the Heineken Experience and the Sarphatipark! You can get lunch or dinner every day from 11:00 am till 9:00 pm in the winter, or from 11:00 am till 10:00 pm in the summer. Feel free too look around at the website for more information about the food, pictures and how to get there! Don’t hesitate to visit Sonny when you are in Amsterdam, you don’t want to miss his food!

Check out the Menu!

Menu Items



With pita bread (white bread or whole meal bread) or Falafel salad box - 4 different sizes to choose from!

With this unique glutenfree falafel you can take your pick out of 20 different types of salads and sauces for free! His specialities are freshly homemade aubergine sauce and special humus sauce, both of which taste delicious with the handmade falafel.

Falafel is an Israeli delicacy. The falafel balls are made of minced chick peas, mixed with fresh vegetables and herbs and fried in olive oil. Falafel is vegan, nourishing and very healthy.

This falafel and humus themselves are unique because Sonny has worked really hard to perfect his recipe for these dishes. What makes Sonny's falafel special is not only the fresh ingridients and secret recipe, but also that they are completely gluten free! Any visit to Amsterdam is not complete without a taste.



These salads are homemade and fresh every day. You can choose between 4 different sized salad boxes or add these salads for free with your tasty falafel!

Some of the options:
Carrots in spicy Indian sauce
Chickpeas with Indian herbs
White radish
Mixed pickle salad
Olives of the highest quality
Fresh cut tomatoes
Homemade special humus
Cucumber with dill
Onions and green pepper salad

Salads may vary with the season!


Belgian Fries

The fries are made from real potatoes and are called “Vlaamse frieten” in Dutch.

100% every day new hand-made fries!
Sonny makes everything inhouse - peeling, cutting and frying the potatoes, in order to guarantee the best quality.

Sonny uses only special liquid vegetable deep-frying fat to deep-fry the falafel and fries. This liquid vegetable deep frying fat has been proven by scientific research to be much healthier than other deep frying fats. As an example Sonny's fries contain 50 % less fat than regular fries. Sonny’s falafel contains almost no fat at all!



You have a rich selection of Belgian and Dutch sauces, like: Curry Sauce
Tartar sauce
“Vlaamse” Samurai sauce
American Sauce
Andalouse Sauce

Apart from those Sonny makes from his own recipes, freshly homemade sauces:
Special Aubergine Sauce
Homemade Coriander sauce
Tahin sauce
Garlic sauce
Onion sauce
Hot sauce


For catering inquiries please call.


Opening hours:

Summer time (April - October):

Monday: 11am-10pm
Tuesday: 11am-10pm
Wednesday: 11am-10pm
Thursday: 11am-10pm
Friday: 11am-10pm
Saturday: 11am-10pm
Sunday: 1pm-10pm

Winter time (November - March):

Monday: 11am-9pm
Tuesday: 11am-9pm
Wednesday: 11am-9pm
Thursday: 11am-9pm
Friday: 11am-9pm
Saturday: 11am-9pm
Sunday: 1pm-9pm


Eerste van der Helststraat 43 1073 AC Amsterdam